So my post’s title isn’t so original, but screw that. We left early yesterday morning to do the commute I used to know quite well. This was my first go-around in the new car and I must say, I was a little more relaxed in my traveling to western MA knowing that my car could make it with energy to spare.

The commute became ever more implanted in my brain my sophomore year when my parents allowed me to bring my old car to school (R.I.P.). But it wasn’t until my senior year that I left permanent tire scars on the road in all the last minute weeknight/weekend and for-no-reason trips to and from my Bub’s old house. And needless to say, my first “real” job which most would refer to as their “first real job out of college” I actually started in April for fear of my not ever having an opportunity like that when I graduated at the end of May that same year. So for two days a week I hauled my ass at the crack of dawn to report to work so I could sort through slush and all sorts of other mismanaged bullshit. But anyway, that’s not the purpose of my post.

Anyway, we arrive, hit Antonio’s–best pizza ever people. Best frigging stuff in the state, at least. Anyway, we had limited time with the weather so after a quick bite and a shower at the hotel, we were off to see the lovely Mann get married. She was stunning. But the folks who attended the wedding, some I hadn’t seen in ages. And as I mentioned in another post, I feel as though the band and the sorority, that those things were the backbone to many friendships, but it wasn’t until I left that I realized who would keep in touch. But I didn’t realize that the people who I *should have* been friends with b/c they were in the band and whatnot but wasn’t close to, would now be the people I would realize were cool people to begin with and the band and being around them 24/7 wasn’t necessarily going to make me understand that they should now be friends.

So before we left for home, we had a little “car tour” of the campus. Bub pulled over so that I could walk over to my freshman dorm. The wind was whipping like crazy–no change from when I was there almost 8 years ago (wow)…I stood in the concrete “courtyard” and I watched as students scurried to and from buildings and dining halls.

I envy them.


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