Blog Neglect

I’m sorry to my one or two loyal readers for not having written in so long. The thing is, I’m currently at work with stuff up to my ears, but that doesn’t discourage me from wedding planning from my desk. Sigh.

My space bar has something underneath it so it’s QUITE loud. Here are few items to keep everyone updated and then I’ll write more later.

1. London was much fun–very busy, tired, cranky to have to work only 2.5 days after arriving, but hey, a free trip to another country is a gift in and of itself.
2. I think I liked Paris better.
3. I made it to the gym this morning. That’s right, me and a couple sleepy souls were up at the ass-crack doing the elliptical.
4. I had a dream (the one right before I woke up to drive the dark streets to my gym) where I had to give a speech on the fly after having my name picked out of a hat. The audience was huge. The topic: pride–but not just pride as in, it’s good to be proud, pride as in “eyes with pride” as in, my motto from marching band. Apparently I dream like a dork.
5. Natasha Bettingfield’s UNWRITTEN came on in my dream. I heard it a total of THREE times BEFORE I made it to work. At the gym, I got on the elliptical right in front of the movie screen (3 screens: one on news, one on VH1, and one is a movie). Cake was on. Was amused by that chick who is on Grey’s Anatomy…but the lead actress–not remembering her name–had to give a speech–on a whim. Do we think that my dream and what is going to “happen” to me today is a fortune teller or something?
6. We’re closer to booking our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast. If I told you how much I think it’s going to land us in debt, I might cry.
7. I’m in the process of picking music for the ceremony. This makes things all the more real.
8. Last night I watched a complete stranger’s wedding video–ceremony only–and then watched a complete stranger’s reception–two different married couples–a long ass video–and I was teary-eyed.
9. I feel like a bridezilla. I’m somewhat stressed, trying hard to enjoy this, and am certainly having fun. Sure, it is definitely a blissful time. However, when the planning has consumed my life, when I’m embarrassed that I have nothing else to say aside from “We registered for luggage!” or “I think I found the bridesmaids’ jewelry” I feel sort of silly. Shouldn’t I be doing other stuff too??
10. Someone recently told me that I’m lucky. Not only that I’m planning what should be one of the best moments of my life, but in general to have found someone. That’s when I feel like I can release the bridezilla. Shed the attitude, stress, and realize that there are many more important things than whether or not Sally is upset that she can’t bring Bobby and Suzie to the wedding since it’s a NIGHT wedding, ending late, and it’s not at a hotel with babysitters and such. And that I feel guilty that people will get upset about something–maybe everything.
11. Weddings cost alot! Ahem, I can’t get into how much pieces of paper are these days (that would be the invitation)…
12. Lastly, I don’t want to be negative during what is a very hectic and exciting time. So I’ve decided instead of bridezilla, I’m just going to be me.


One thought on “Blog Neglect

  1. Thanks for the update. You sound so busy but it is great to hear that you’re making such progress with the wedding planning. I’m really looking forward to it, by the way! I know it’ll be a blast! All the planning will definitely pay off. And forget about bridezilla–you’re allowed to flip out now and then. You always seem so poised, anyway! ;-)

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