I’m home.

So I just got home from GSM also known as our Global Sales Meeting. It was my first one and it being almost my first year anniversary of having worked for this particular company, I was meeting the spread out sales team for the first time together in one place. Faces were new; I definitely felt like the new girl–nervous, anxious, quiet. Well not too quiet b/c after meeting the first new face, I found out that he was the guy who likes to email me daily to find out the timeline for this book his client is looking for. Not just any client: a major corporation. Of course, due to the public nature of these things I’m afraid I can’t share more.

The meeting moves around annually, but this year it was in Providence. I relived some college drinking moments last night. How pathetic, but certainly bonded with new and old faces. The old ones being those from corporate who I see on a regular basis.

So I had a good experience and learned alot about the sales process. And I was happy to feel the reiteration of not being someone who has to sell X amount of anything to get paid! Thank goodness. But my job is sort of salesy and sort of legal and sort of publishing. And after receiving an award at our dinner last night–not only was I pleasantly surprised, I was touched. And it wasn’t the fact that they spelled my name wrong–one too many letters and not a typo–and it wasn’t my snickering work buddy’s remark that everyone gets one of these awards at one time or another–it was the fact that I finally felt for the first time in my life at a job–that I was recognized.

And it feels great.


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