So I’ve got the show on both TVs as bub is out doing better things with his evening.

I think Taylor will win.

But I want Catherine to win.

But I don’t think she will.

But I’m not sure either one of them is good enough.

See, I wanted Chris to win. Hotness aside, he just rocks. But since he’s probably going to be Fuel’s next lead singer, I guess it’s okay that he was booted.


I always cry at the finale of the show. When the confetti flies and the backup singers come out (especially when Fantasia won), that is a real major tear jerker for me. And it’s not that I wanted them to win (I personally don’t think Fantasia was really talented; I was more moved by the gospel singers), it’s just this like epiphany for these average people who compete all this time for this major turn of events.

So the show is almost over and I’ve cried twice. Once when just the guy finalists sang. And definitely when Eliott sang and Mary J. Blige came out. She really knows how to rock.

So we’ll see who wins tonight. And even if it’s the person I don’t want to win, I’ll still appreciate the confetti.


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