13 days

Less than two weeks to go, folks…The countdown continues. I feel like the wedding is still distant, still a month or more away. I know this isn’t true. I know it. I have told people numerous times when it is and I get oohs and ahhs over how close the big day is. I get emails from friends wondering how I feel. Am I ready? Am I nervous? What is it like? And I would like to tell you as plain as can be what it’s like:

But I can’t. My mind is a whirlwind on figuring out how to finish programs, waiting for the rest of the favor materials to come in so I can put them together, determining where one gets children’s jewelry and other wedding party gifts. I stay up late thinking about what other things I need to do, I wake up early with the same thoughts.

When I figure out the above and finish a bunch of other little details, I’ll get back to you.

I will say this one thing, when I was at the store yesterday paying for a new pair of capris I wanted to reach over to the unassuming cashier and scream I’M GETTING MARRIED IN TWO WEEKS! But I thought better of it and swiped my card, signed, took my bag and went on my way.


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