I told my mother about the house on my ride home from work tonight (read: I just got home–nice, huh?). She gave positive feedback: Oh, that’s nice. Oh, it’s good to look. Yes, it’s a buyer’s market. You’re right to collect all your information and look. But she’s very cautious about rewarding me with 100% positive feedback on something so new (our search for a house). It was strange to tell her about it because it seems like such a grown up thing to do.

For those of you who don’t know, bub is older than me and owns our place now. So this is my first home-buying experience (we’re not buying yet, don’t worry), so for me, I don’t know much, but I’ve learned tons from going through the looking process with bub for the place we live at now. I went through all the motions with him: make an offer, counter the offer, purchase and sale, home inspection, PAINT, MORE PAINTING, CLEANING, RUGS CLEANING, and the closing. Well, the closing happened earlier than the painting and cleaning. And my name doesn’t appear on the deed or whatever because we weren’t married–not even engaged–but I still feel like I’m full owner here since bub is so nice to have included me in as his painting buddy and cleaner : )

Anyway, enough house talk. I’m sipping some chianti reserva and remembering Italy and I don’t want to write any more about the future. I want to dwell on now.

Folks, I’m dying here. My job isn’t miserable. It’s just dry as hell. I have started breaking my golden rule which is, I’ve been looking–quickly–at job boards while at work. I fear that someone will email me any day now and tell me to pack my things and leave. My boss spoke to our HR rep behind closed doors the other day (I know this because I’m the only one in my department with a cube and can hear for miles) but couldn’t quite hear their conversation and I fear my boss is getting ready to give me the boot.

Thing is, I don’t care. Sad, huh? I’m ready for the NBT. (Next BIG Thing). I capitalize “big” because it needs to be. I’m 26 years old and it’s about time I had a plan. I followed the college plan, then the “get a job” plan. And here I am. I’ve had a job. I’ve had 3 since college, including this one. And #4 needs to appear. And soon. So I’m ready. I’m energetic, creative, and fun. Bring it on; sign me up. Until then, I’ll be wishing for water in my dry cube.


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