Dear Friends,

I write this as I sit at my desk at work because the House consumes my thoughts and because you all know how work has been going lately…so I’ll try to keep this quick for fear I’ll feel guilty about not working and writing this instead.

First, I like the TV show House and cannot wait for the new season to start.

Second, I had a dream last night that I was still at work with only 1/2 hour left to go before I was to be at the church getting married to bub. Go figure. Phew; at least I had my priorities in order in real life–I had already been off for 3 days before the wedding even took place.

Anyway, yesterday we went to see a house. It wasn’t an open house since we weren’t around last weekend and won’t be around this weekend. Bub found it on the trusty MLS site and seeing as how, in a prior life, he was in real estate and seeing as how his best man and best friend, is our broker, I knew that some day he’d find something truly wonderful to get excited about.

So. He found it.

I’m not sure it’s the “it” or it’s the “one” or whatever. I don’t want to get myself all worked up, but I know it’s too late because I am. First, it scares the bejesus out of me because I knew we wouldn’t stay in bub’s 1-bed condo forever, but because this finding a house thingy is sort of happening quickly.

So last week bub sends me an MLS listing with pictures to said house. It looks nice, but they tend to take pictures of the good stuff only: shiny floors, bright windows, plush lawns, cute detached garage with flower box, screened in porch with tiny patio perfect for grilling. No photos were shown of the bathrooms (!), the kitchen (!!), or all the bedrooms (!!!)–so lots can be left to the imagination.

So we did a drive by. We drove by it slowly once. We backed up and drove by it again. We started to head back home when I said that I didn’t get a good look since bub had been closer to it from where he was in the car than I was and I wanted to go back. So we went back.

He was excited about the thought of owning this house. He was excited about the classic look and style of it.

I was the negative nilly. It could be a craphole inside, I flatly announced. The kitchen could be a hole. The bathroom could be scary. The rooms could be tiny. The closets could be non-existant.

We drove home and I told him, let’s make an appointment to see it since we can’t go to the open house. And last night, I almost fell in love.

More after work if I can.


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