i just finished watching the gubernatorial debate on tv. i don’t usually watch those things…well sometimes i do. but this one confirmed it. healey is a dirty fighter, arrogant and pretty irritating. maybe not the strongest reasons NOT to vote for her, but clearly patrick is the right choice. you can tell alot by the way someone conducts themself at these things. anyway. that solves that.

so last night i had these two strange dreams that i’m surprised i remembered, but since my sleep was interrupted every hour because if i sleep near one of those light up red-numbered digital clocks, it has to be turned away or else i think i’m always late waking up or just need to watch it for some reason. weird i know but this is the way it’s always been. so my sleep was not good and bub usually sleeps closest to the clock that refuses to let me sleep. anyway, back to the dreams:

dream #1: i had a baby. BUT i had the baby after only a 4-month pregnancy. i don’t remember the labor BUT i think we were on something. not that we’re a bunch of druggies in the dream, but bub and i left our baby in the hospital and went out and a few DAYS later realized that we should um maybe go back and get the baby from the hospital. also, i realized i should make 2 calls: one to my parents to um, let them know i had a baby! and the other was a call to my boss. i was worried that after 4 months i wouldn’t be showing enough to convince my boss i should be on maternity leave. yeah. nice.

dream #2: i’m in the kitchen of our old apartment. there is this guy who isn’t even attractive in the dream too. no bub. well it doesn’t matter that this guy isn’t attractive since he wants to play a game. he wants to blindfold me with a napkin–the cloth kind. he wants me to hold the rest while he tries to stab them with a knife. WHAT??? i tell him that he’ll probably stab them and me and then i don’t remember anything except waking up next to the bright clock and feeling a tad bit scared.

so that’s it for dreams.

and finally: a thought while driving home: if we just chose different words with which to tell our stories, would we all be great writers? best selling authors?

ok, off to wash the dishes. yuck.


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