i have like a zit forming on my face. at 26, i think i’m set with having my fair share of these things. wtf??

anyway, i opted to stay in tonight. i had grand plans of hosting a visit for my sister. we’d laugh and hang and drink pumpkin beer and be crazy. but i wasn’t feeling it. i feel that my weird sleep the other night (you know, my weird dreams post) bubbled over to yesterday, although i did have a better sleep last night, but went to bed late b/c as you know, i can’t miss my show: 6 degrees…anyway…so we decided on a rain check. how perfect since it’s pouring, cold and gross out, which makes perfect weather for chianti and 6 feet under. i’ve been watching adoringly the strange characters, weird humor, and good soundracks (well, listening to those). anyway. bub is at the movies, which is fine by me. i love having nights to myself, especially after a long-ass work week. i had my typical it’s wednesday but i keep thinking it’s thursday week. this brings me to my next topic: work.

so there’s an opening at a place that i once applied to, but the commute would be hell. where i live yields practically no jobs that i want; i’d have to move to nyc for that. so the other job i applied for, i interviewed for literally like 5 days before my wedding or some cracked ass thing like that. when they called to say they took someone with the concentration in xyz over me, i didn’t care b/c dude, i was getting hitched and then off to italy for a 2 week getaway. so now i have a chance to apply for a similar job but working on much cooler stuff than the last job would have allowed me. do i apply? more on this later, but i’ll probably pull my usual: apply and then decide if i get an offer. whoop dee doo. i hate being an adult.

and tomorrow i’ll return to good old umass for homecoming. i’ll see great friends, old ones, relive memories, be the band geek that you all know and even see old crushes…anyway–i’m supposed to go with a big-ass zit on my face? on top of that i’ll feel like a fat ass since the “gym” isn’t even in my vocab anymore.

i think i’ve had too much wine. TGIF!


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