1 year

I meant to write on Halloween. I really did. But lately any spare time is consumed with watching Six Feet Under on DVD. I am really digging the show; I’ve come to really like Nate, identify with Federico, get irritated wtih Keith (but still think he’s cute even if he is gay) and find Ruth to be such a spazz. We’re about 1/2 way into the third season and we’re lucky that Blockbuster is a short minute’s walk down the road although we miss Netflix and have considered rejoining.

I’m at work so this post has to be brief because I have the paranoid “Big Brother is watching” thing going on. But I just wanted to say that it’s been a year since I started this mish mash of writing stuff. I’m not necessarily proud of it because I think I can do a whole lot better than writing a bunch of posts which are entitled by variations of the word “quick” and that there’s nothing mind-shattering or lovely about my style, if I have one. But as another poster stated somewhere in cyber world which I’m not completely remembering: this place, this space, this screen can sometimes be therapeutic.

For me when I started this a year ago it was my pouring out how excited I was to prepare for my wedding day. And so I look to write about other momentous occasions. For now while the water is fairly calm and things are just busy in general, I look to other bloggers for inspiration and great writing. You help spark the thing in me that reminds me why I love words.


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