Things that annoy me

Just some things I need to get off my chest and further keep me from my responsibilities at work:

When you turn left at a traffic light after your light has turned red–it’s no longer your turn to go left! Let other people move when the light is green.
When you bump into me and do not say or acknowledge that you have touched me without permission and don’t excuse yourself.
When you litter because it’s too hard to throw things away properly.
When you lie.
When you don’t ask you about how I am or how my weekend was, etc, after I took the time to ask you.
When you don’t say hello after I have or at least smile.
When you eat with your mouth open, cough, sneeze, and so forth without any regard for others. Thanks.
When you talk over me while I am talking after I have listened to you talk.
When you get so caught up in materialistic items that you don’t understand the actions of others and what they truly mean. You just want to compete and feel important. Ugh. How come you can’t see this!?
When you are fake.


One thought on “Things that annoy me

  1. Life moves on in stages, like puberty, adolescence marriage etc etc. And in each of those stages you meet different people, some of who you want to know, and some that you need to. The friends that you meet along the way are also going through each of the stage changes that you are, and likewise have different needs at different times. I guess what i’m trying to say is that what seems like drifting is just growing. Whether that be growing up, or growing apart. I think you need a core group of friends which grow with you, and another group that comes and goes as you pass through the various stages. I think I find that I don’t worry about the ones drifting out, because I’m so excited about meeting the ones that are about to drift in. I hope that makes sense to you. Ps I hate people who drop litter as well – but the people who talk over me don’t bother me so much… I just feel a bit sorry for them. Always have fun. Ben.

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