Santa Wish List Item #1

So I’ve been doing some thinking about what I want for Christmas, well, because it’s coming up soon.

And I’m obsessed with the idea of mp3’s mainly because I don’t have an ipod and the closest thing I’ve ever done with digital music is click on a song that bub purchased from itunes on the computer. I know, I’m like a little granny.

But now that we are back into our gym groove and I’m *going* more, my dinky little arm-band walkman (thanks, sis!) with about 2.1 stations on it (ones that come in without static, that is) and the fact that I didn’t even have a discman–and the walkman I retired before my armband radio was true to the walkman form: it was a cassette player, makes me think it’s high time I caught up with the 2000 era and get with the program.

My old job allowed me to commute via the train and so many people had their ipods on. I wasn’t getting the big deal–what’s wrong with reading in silence? Now that I have XM radio in my car–purely because it came with it or else I probably wouldn’t have opted to sign up–I can’t imagine a measley few stations on the radio with the only other option being to listen to CDs. Perhaps if I had an mp3 player I wouldn’t need to think twice about XM; it would be a moot point.

So I’m doing some research into what player I want. I’m sure many would think it’s a no-brainer: just get an ipod, but I want to do some research and really understand what it is that I’m starting to obsess about…


One thought on “Santa Wish List Item #1

  1. I have an iPod mini and just bought the new iPod Shuffle. The mini was great for driving, but the shuffle is awesome for working out b/c it clips on. Personally, I like it better than the mini because it’s easier to manage. I guess it depends on whether or not you want to be able to look at a display screen to pick your music, or if you’d be happy with one big long playlist that you can play straight through or put on shuffle (and of course, rewind and fast forward through). I love the Shuffle, though — highly recommend it!

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