A few tidbits

Winter is totally coming. The cold weather has arrived–sadly enough–and there’s no more walking outside, smelling spring and breathing in anticipation as I waited to walk down the aisle…

The summer has long been over, but now that the cold weather has made its way to Boston, Christmas is truly in the air. I listen to carols constantly at work through XM since you get a free account online if you have a subscription set up, say, in your car. It’s great. I sit in THE only cube in my department and couldn’t care less which scrooges hear the “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” and “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way” from their desks. Deal with it, people. It’s not THAT distracting (since I have it on the lowest possible volume setting, anyway).

We’re getting our tree today. We were too cold to deal on Friday and yesterday. We’re going downstairs to storage to get the cute little bobbles we’ve stashed away until the time presents itself in which it’s necessary that we decorate. And boy, are we ready; the time has come!

We attended a wine tasting party last night among good friends, mostly good wine (too many shiraz’s though!) and the whole thing was just so cozy. I love meeting friends of friends too, hearing about their holiday traditions and what’s important to them. I felt there were several prods at “when YOU have kids” or “enjoy it now when you can sleep through the night” and we were one of two couples who didn’t have to hurry home to let the babysitter go home.

Bub’s friend who hosted the party is going to propose to his girlfriend next weekend. I stared at her a few times during the night. A sweet girl with good intentions who I think has changed the Friend quite a bit into a mature guy, I wondered how she would react. It sounds like they have been talking about it, but would she cry like I did, would she be grouchy from last minute holiday stress stuff and then feel bad when he got down on one knee (or would he?)? Would they be at their house by their tree near their fireplace or would they be outdoors, seeing the stars?

I thought back to my own special day, August 12, 2005, when Bub surprised me, and the tears, excitement and happiness which followed were the newest of emotions. Then the hard work, the fun, and the anticipation. Lots of anticipation.

So it’ll be our first married Christmas this year. We’ve shared the holidays together for 4 years. We’ve been together for 5.5 years on December 21st. It became too hard to say goodbye to one another when Bub left for Maryland, but even the first year, I think we still shared Thanksgiving together because he did’t travel to Maryland except for Christmas. It’s a funny thing bringing your best friend and love into your family’s traditions. But now it seems so natural that we’ve done it a bunch of times already, yet it’s our first married Christmas, and we’ll need to mark it as such. My first Christmas as a “Mrs.”

Off I must go…to find my husband who is still hanging out in bed!

Happy Day!


3 thoughts on “A few tidbits

  1. Hi. I found you through Daily Editor and really enjoy your blog. This post made me so happy. I’m waiting (not so) patiently for my ring and visions of a first married Christmas are dancing in my head.

    You write beautifully. Thank you!

  2. Most definitely you have to celebrate it as a first! Have you written about your engagement story on here? I’d love to hear it.

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