A vent

over wine and tiny handfuls of white chocolate chips left over from the swap last month (year). I would make dinner, but it’s so much more fun when Bub is home and we cook together. Sigh.

So the job thingy that I mentioned in a past post? Yeah, well I totally called it. The dude told me to be in touch in the New Year. So after work last night I promptly contacted him to say Happy New Year (great minds think alike clink!) and this morning I get an email from him. Before I open it, I know what it’s going to say.

Dear Ripe,

We haven’t yet filled X position (another position, not the one I want–this was the one I originally applied for but was told I would be bored with in 6 months….mmk) but I will be in touch at that crossroad which may be a few to several months.

Best regards,
Potential New Manager Person

Yes, he wrote “few” and “several” just like that. They are practically the same thing. I called it because when we met he said that he was originally going to start interviewing for this job in the spring. He may have wanted to stress that the start time for this position would be later. But no–I get my hopes up because he’s leaving the ball in my court. Well I had it and threw it back and now I have to wait. Great.

Now, if I were really cool, I could say: Hey new almost manager person, I have all sorts of other prospects in the works. I can’t wait. But you see, I haven’t been really aggressively looking. I should. I should because current job is what I believe would be a dead end job for moi. No offense, but I’m in a department that’s all wrong. I’m ABC, not XYZ. I don’t want to be a fill-in-the-blank-I-don’t-want-to-offend-anyone-who-might-read-this-and-hold-this-position, which is what my boss (current) says my “path” is. Screw that, people. Screw that.

Next vent:
I’m tired. I had firm plans to be productive yesterday, today. I sit at my desk and I joke around with co-workers. I check blogs, and I feel slightly guilty because I should do more and more work because there’s enough of it. My motivation has soured because anyone (I have convineced myself) can do this. Even if you really couldn’t do this job, my boss makes it so that you absolutely can because she is a baby-er, a hand hold-er.

Please leave me alone, boss.

Good news is that I’ve been on time for work this year so far. Only 363 more days to keep it up!


One thought on “A vent

  1. that sucks. the job thing is so frustrating, but keep your chin up! it’s good that you’ve managed to be on time for work–i haven’t!

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