whenever i order Thai food, I can’t steer clear from the damn drunken noodles. the place we agreed to catch up and discuss bikini waxes, periods and how our friend doesn’t get one when she’s lying down in bed until the next morning was a new try since it’s near one of my best friend’s new house.

i’m slightly inebriated as i write this. today was christmas with my family. my sister had been away (on her first international trip ever) and since we went to MD to see my inlaws, we hadn’t had a chanc to exchange gifts.

the pats took full control of our afternoon as we watched with wide eyes and anticipated breath as to whether they would remain in playoff status. well they are, just in case you didn’t know.

the visit concluded with a trip to legals, a favorite of my father’s. i have no complaints there and i’m now full and drunk off of 2 glasses of shiraz. well, not super drunk, but bitter that we have work in a little over 12 hours.

blech. ewww.


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