I feel like I cannot be 100% excited that it’s Friday since I have an early flight to Texas to dread on Monday. We have to share a room with someone at the hotel and the way the numbers work out, there aren’t enough women in the office to plan on requesting to be roommates with. So I have a “random roommate” who I will find out about when I check in. Joy. By random, I mean that the other people I could potentially room with are sales people I might have met once or never at all…

On top of that I will get my period next week (great) and be in cramps hell for the first full day of meetings. That night, we’ll have a banquet and I’ll probably want to die of stomach trouble and bitchiness. Yay.

I’m trying to feel like I should enjoy the weekend. I have more pampering tomorrow–nails and a hair cut so that I can look my best for when I’m in Texas. Not that I want to impress a bunch of sales people with polished nails and nice grooming, but I’m sure you understand.

So I’m thinking that this time next week–or even a week from yesterday when I’m back–that I’ll be in a better state of mind. Back with my husband. Back in the cold. Back for the loooong weekend I am yearning for.

Happy Weekend.


One thought on “Dreaming

  1. Are you going shorter with this hair cut?

    Try to enjoy Texas — at least you’ll be back in Mass. soon!

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