So I’ve Been Tagged…

and too busy to catch up on all-things-blogs to notice until now! Thanks Molly!

So here we go:

1. I hate clutter. If there are bottles and cans hanging out waiting for Bub to recycle (because I do not have the patience to watch said items accumulate and take up what tiny counter space we have in the kitchen), I will secretly and discreetly…ahem…chuck them.

I work at a place where I could potentially open my own bookstore, so if we didn’t need an extra copy of a particular book or it’s already been utilized for all-things-work-related, I can’t stand the sight of stuff on my desk so I…um…throw them out. This includes books we decide aren’t right for us because their subject matter is outside of our scope. Instead of walking my butt over to another department to put said books in a donation area for a local library, I throw them away. Go ahead, call the police!

Your Christmas card from December? Trashed–but Bub keeps a select number (read: ALL) if he can stand it. Receipts? Unless it’s Christmas and I have to make sure people can return/exchange what I give them, they are all TRASHED. I can’t stand the clutter!

2. I fear death. Bub knows this as I have shifted my fears of worrying about people like my father dying to Bub dying. When I was younger, I used to go around saying that I hope I would die before my parents so that I didn’t have to go through what I imagine to be a painful time in life.

While driving in a normal fashion where I do not feel that urge to aggressively pass a truck, for example, I think if I die, then what? It’s not the heaven or hell so much as SO many things go on in one’s lifetime. Even if we think we lead very non-dramatic, boring lives, there is so much at risk. And I fear it daily. And I tell myself that I will prepare myself for these deaths so that I am not hurt. But I know that I am telling myself the same lie over and over again.

3. I secretly want to open a most delicious and fun bakery. Even if it’s just to bake brownies. This wouldn’t help my health as I am a sucker for anything sweet. But mixing together the ingredients and even trying to make the recipes more healthful elates me as I smell the sugar and butter and chocolate mold into something yum. I have looked several times online for baking gigs. Yes, I have.

4. Until this past July I did not have a middle name. I was the minority when it came to sharing with classmates what my middle name was–or better yet–making them guess because who would ever guess that I didn’t have one? Since getting married I made my maiden name my middle name. I am still getting used to not only my new last name (which I love) but getting used to filling out items that call for a middle initial–and most times I still skip that field since it’s not requirement to fill in that info–but I still haven’t mastered signing my name with a middle initial or allowing my new “identity” of sorts to settle in.

5. Sometimes, when I get really ticked off at Bub, I walk away. But literally so. If we are in the car arguing and I happen to be driving, I will pull over, park, and then get out only to walk. Where? I don’t know. And a scene usually happens a little something like this:

Me: walking
Bub: driving slowly along as I walk on the sidewalk
Bub: Get into the car. Come on.
Me: silence
Me: No!

And this repeats for a little and then I get into the car and we usually have a laugh at how ridiculous I can be. And how crazy it is that I do that.

6. I’ve never ever colored my hair, had a perm, had a cavity/route canal, etc. I have had braces, complete with headgear, and broken a bone (my left wrist and I am left-handed).

That sums it up for now. Sorry for the delay on this. When is it going to be Friday? This working thing blows…


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