When I’m in the shower and getting ready for work, I like to think about what I will do after I come home at night. They’ll be dinner to make of course and the gym to force myself to attend, and then there are the leftover errands/chores/things I wanted to get done over the weekend.

So tonight I hope to put away all the laundry Bub so nicely did for us, finish washing the tub, and vacuum each room before heading to the gym.

But something about the snow makes me think that I would be so much happier curled up wtih Bub, sipping some wine, and just hanging out.

We had a great weekend. The in-laws were in town and we had a big dinner together with my parents on Friday night. Saturday I attended my first kick boxing class in a long time. I actually felt like I could work out after the class, too, but decided there was a lot more to accomplish that day, so I went home. Later I felt the pain start. It was so bad that I had to take asprin before bed and was sore all through yesterday. I guess I overdid it!

We got some shopping and errands done, but there were no houses to see. Sigh.

I am on a mission for new sneakers and had fun shopping online at Sephora. I love that store. And it’s nice to be all by yourself and overwhelmed as opposed to zig-zagging between store employees and other shoppers to look and smell and test.

I’m on a mission, too, for a headband and have been so for a while. I think I found one I want online. Anyone have any good recommendations?

Have a great Monday.


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