A Few Important Announcements

GD Prospective Employer has still not called and no longer feels the need to reply to my “I know patience is a virtue, but I’m curious–have you filled the position yet?” when I really just want to write “I know patience is a virtue, but how the fuck long does it take to make an offer when you said it was me and this other anonymous person interviwing for this job?”

While in the shower I thought–what if someone from my office applied for the job and they are so totally unsure of who to make the offer to? Then I thought that would be ridiculous and why would they care? Feel free to share both positive and negative scenarios here, people. I like the entertainment.


I go into a bookstore yesterday (instead of browsing on Amazon as Bub suggested I should) to find a book.

I was an English major, made to read the bad: Beowoulf (BLECH!) and the good (Uncle Tom’s Cabin) and lots of others–those just stick out in my mind. I kept things straight. I did alright, people. I graduated and I’m better for it.

But put me in a bookstore–I go nuts. I don’t know how to pick a book because I don’t know what I like. At all. Give me a girly book and I’m like this is SO dumb, but I’ll read Prep and love it. Give me a contemporary fiction something and I force myself through it. My sister says it’s good–just stick with it. I want to believe her because she said the same thing about Memoirs from a Geisha and I enjoyed that one. But Middlesex? Didn’t happen for me. I have a couple others like that too–books borrowed from friends that sit, collect dust, never allow their story to be told. Anyway, I am embarrassed I found something worth buying purely because it reminds me of a Lifetime movie on paper. But anyway, I’m already 100 pages into it so maybe this says something about my intellect being parallel to bad women’s television dramas.


We just had a farewell lunch for a man who has been at our compay the second longest. Second longest at our office, that is. We took him to a restaurant and he drank some beers, made 2 speeches, said goodbye and thanks to me twice and so I asked him what’s next. And in his pissed off demeanor, he replied that he’s taking the rest of the year off (as if the “rest of the year” is a few weeks) and then he’s going to reassess. He didn’t return to the office after the lunch. And I am so jealous of him right now.


My boss actually thought I thought that fiscal year means the same thing as calendar year. But you see all I did was repeat a part of an email I got with a question that had nothing to do with fiscal years. You see she just thinks she’s the shit except she might be if it wasn’t for how she dresses. Oops. Anything zipped up over some sort of lingerie, I’m pretty sure is a no-no. Especially when you can see 3/4 of the lingerie (gross) and especially when it’s not a sweatshirt or sweater being zipped up, but a shirt–a shirt that should button up. Return the shirt. Just do it.


I have big plans to do a couple of errands tonight sandwiched between my trip to the gym. But you see I’ve been meaning to get to the gym both Tuesday and Wednesday and for reasons I cannot control (American Idol and said book described above), I haven’t been able to lure myself to put on my semi-new sneakers and drabby workout clothes that make me feel oh, so attractive. Tonight, though, that changes.


I’ve booked myself a Swedish massage as a pre-birthday gift to me. Since I feel poor going to a spa and paying for numerous services (waxing, nails, etc.), I have opted for a half hour massage. I’m still looking forward to it even though it’s not a full hour. All I need to do is justify the facial that I’m also due for (it’s been 9 months, people, it’s time)–I think May or June is a great option for that, right as the warm weather starts to kick in.


This weekend, though, I don’t yet have much planned–dinner with a friend on Friday and the usual items to get done on Saturday. I’m glad to hear it’s going to be warm, but what about the rain?


This has turned into a long list of announcements. I do apologize for misleading you since these aren’t really important ones–at least the Prospective Employer can agree–I’m not that important. But I think they’re somewhat significant as they all relate to moi.


3 thoughts on “A Few Important Announcements

  1. What a pain that you haven’t heard anything back yet. The waiting game sucks. I hope they let you know soon!

  2. Dude, your boss KILLS me. Every time you mention her, I picture the way she was dancing with her man at your wedding. HA! I’m laughing out loud to myself as I type this! :-)

    p.s. what are the big b-day plans? Yay, 13’s!

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