I’m bored

But not like I was at my last job when I surfed the Web for the majority of the day because well, there was absolutely nothing to do–nothing to make myself busy with and my boss was an advocate of keeping me thinking I was busy by doing “research” at the nearby bookstore which turned into looking at books to try and get into law school (hahahahaha!) and trying not to turn my head and look the other way across the street at the people rushing in and out of H&M for cute cheap bobbles.

No, I’m sick of the rut. But it’s not the rut that you all describe–or maybe it is. The snoozing of the alarm a bazillion times a morning, just knowing that the extra 30 seconds (or what feels like 30 seconds) of sleep isn’t going to help you feel any more rested. It’s not the I know I can make it in before 9 or at 9 this morning but when you’re drying your hair trying to look good for a Friday (yes, it’s FRIDAY! Wahooo!), you think, I can be a few minutes late because I’m not going to have frizzy hair for going out later on tonight!

It’s the work.

There’s plenty of it.

But I feel like I’ve done and learned all I can.

And now it’s the repetition.

The contracts.

The addenda.

The blah.

The “Hey! We’re the greatest company on the Earth so just give us your content and we’ll make you rich!” Well, I don’t exactly say it like that–as I’m sure you could guess–but I’m sort of trying to disguise what it is I do for fear of my boss finding this : ) Even though there is a photo here and there of me on here : )

So anyway, I just feel burned out. I know I need the ever-important “vacation” but there’s nothing here that makes me want to strive to do better–because–as you have heard me say before (or read what I’ve communicated before) there is no “up” in this job. As a newly created position in a marketing department where–gasp–I do no marketing (which is fine by me because I’m doing what I’d want to do if I had to pick it out of the entire company)–there is no umph, no desire. And with that, I wake up each morning thinking that at 10am I will have a shiny new email from Prospective Employer saying “Hey! We want you!” (because they are one hour behind us hence the email coming at 10) or I will see on my phone that I have a call from “Call”–this is how Prospective Employer’s “name” shows up (as “Call”). Or perhaps while I was dragging boxes of books to production there will be a lovely voicemail from Prospective Employer saying “Please, Ripe, give us a call at your convenience.”

Then, of course, I would have to wonder if they wanted me to call them back so that they could tell me the position has been filled.

And there’s the whole am I putting all my eggs in one basket? UGH! The options for what I want to do here in good old Boston are limited–unless I move–which I am not in the forseeable future, unless of course it’s to a house in a cute town in MA : )

It’s been 2 weeks since the second interview and almost 3 since the first…One follow up email has been sent as of last Wednesday. Another was sent on Monday.

For now, I’ll just have to keep my busy bored self occupied and allow the iced caramel latte to drown out the impatience I’m feeling.

Happy Weekend.


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