I have been tagged by Sass

And so here we go!

A – Available or Taken? I’m a Mrs. and about to celebrate my 1-year wedding anniversary. Sigh. Has it been almost a year since our magical day?

B – Best Friend? Bub. He’s seen all sides of me. Some scary, but hopefully the fun outweighs the ugly : ) Also some gal pals–none who read this blog (let alone know it exists!).

C – Cake or Pie? What a toughie! If the cake and pie option have chocolate in it, I could go either way. Show me chocolate cake with yummy frosting versus blueberry pie and I’m all for the cake. Show me vanilla cake with yummy frosting and mud pie and I think I’d go mud…

D – Drink of Choice? Ummm…Riesling. Syrah. Coffee milkshake, although they make my tummy go nutty. Diet Coke after for a hangover. Seltzer with juice (spritzer). Iced coffee–French vanilla w/ skim from Dunkin’s or an iced skim latte at Starbuckers.

E – Essential Item(s)? Chapstick and/or lip gloss, my watch

F – Favorite Color? Blue like my bridesmaids’ dresses, yellow, watermelon greens, getting into reds–love pinks.

G – Gummi Bears or Worms? Bears; they’re cuter!

H – Hometown? I was born in Boston and that’s all I’m sayin’!

I – Indulgence? Chocolate, French fries w/ ketchup…heavenly! Chicken fingers with honey mustard, cheesecake.

J – January or February? February; it’s closer to spring…

K – Kids? Yes; but I’m afraid for the pushing and not knowing when the baby will come.

L – Life is incomplete without… happiness

M – Marriage Date 07/22/2006 : )

N – Number of Siblings One, older sister

O – Oranges or Apples? Granny apple especially if I can put PB on it–creamy low-fat JIF. Or oranges — I love when they’re cut up in quarters like they did for a snack during soccer games.

P – Phobias/Fears Sometimes the dark! Death is my number one fear though–others dying moreso than me.

Q – Favorite Quote
May your voyage through life be as happy and as free
As the dancing waves on the deep blue sea

R – Reasons to Smile? I can wake up each day next to my husband, great family and friends who I sometimes take for granted.

S – Season? Summer–spring too if it’s warm and not borderline freezing! I do love the fall colors as well.

T – Tag Three: Kris, Erin, and Stacy!!!

U – Unknown Fact About Me I cry at the finales of reality shows: American Idol (even if I don’t really like the singer–no offense Fantasia), or America’s Next Top Model. I really become so happy for them that they won!

V – Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? Oppressor

W – Worst habits? Bad temper!

X – X-rays or Ultrasounds? X-Ray; my mom is an X-Ray Technologist!

Y – Your Favorite Foods Pasta, pizza (carb-lover!) brownies…it goes on and on!

Z – Zodiac Aries


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