It consumes me.

Do we leave now for the Cape or do we keep up the chores here so as to have a sparkling home to return to?

Do we buy groceries now so we have stuff for when we get back from the weekend away? Or, do we go on our way home when we clearly won’t want to grocery shop and allow the reality of having to go back to work set in?

Do I eat a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich after having a really good workout at the gym? Or, do I drink lots of fluids and hope to feel full since I want fried (!) clams and oysters tonight? Hello cholesterol! Hello FAT!

Do I sit down for an hour or two and make a dent in work that will consume me come Tuesday since I will have only two days in the office before a work event which just so happens to be over the weekend? Ick.

All these things bubble in my mind and I can’t help but think that I deserve some time to chill. Then I think how we had fun last night at a good pub in the cool air with the yummy fries and the refreshing beer. And then how we watched some 24–the first few episodes of the latest season. So, shouldn’t I work now?

But the new bathing suit is waiting and the sun is, too. The heat is on and I’m ready for summer.

Screw it; I’m off the ocean.

Happy Saturday!


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