Thinking of you bloggers everywhere

We all get ready for our morning. Some like coffee, others rush through the process: shower, cereal, out the door. Some bathe at night so the snooze button is more appealing.

We turn up the radio and turn down the window.

We all feel tired come three o’clock when we have that afternoon meeting that’s “very important” just like the weekly morning meeting that proves as wasteful as all the junk e-mails sitting untouched on the screen.

We had our toes painted in peach dacquiri as the woman struggled to say “color”. The process was unrushed which is new especially when the treatment is the cheapest around and you’re in a hurry to get to your mother-in-law’s birthday party so that you can talk about how many people from your town went to Iraq and if we had today off.

I most certainly didn’t.

And you may wonder if you dress young. Or maybe you’re not old enough. Because I certainly wonder if I can get away with the cute and vivid items I like to purchase when I’m a mother–hell, aren’t I supposed to be according to my co-worker?

We sit and laugh with friends and tell the server to bring us another drink–or not, it’s late and we’re tired but yet we don’t see one another more than once or twice a month.

We all have laundry to do and groceries to purchase.

So yes, I do think of you. I wonder, do you think of me, too?


3 thoughts on “Thinking of you bloggers everywhere

  1. I do! I’ve thought of you when I’m trying on cute brown flats and when I drove up towards Boston the other week. :)

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