The First of Many

We leave early tomorrow morning to celebrate our 1-year wedding anniversary and vacation to Maine.

There has been lots to say in the past few days: what kind of writer I feel that I am, when we’ll think to start a family, what the hell I’m doing in my job, and what location we’ll end up when we purchase a house.

But for now, there’s red wine, more packing and tidying before we depart, and a whole lot of speculation on the vacation we are about to have.

And there’s anticipating what year two of marriage will bring.

I’m convinced that I can do a whole lot better at being a wife, friend, and person.

This is sort of like our New Year’s Day when we can look to the future, toast on the past and of what will come of fresh days without any mistakes.

For now, have a great week. I’m inspired to post pics of our Maine trip and maybe some of Italy as a reminder of where we were a year ago.


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