Thank goodness for car insurance and for companies that do things quick (knock on wood; I don’t have my fixed car back already or anything!), but they’re starting something on Monday.

Thank you guys for making me feel better. Apparently good things happen when you scrape your car:

You get flowers sent to work to surprise you coming back from the collision center.

They’re from my loving and supportive (what scrape? that’s NOTHING–so tiny!) husband.

You get a “Don’t worry–at least nothing happened to you” pep talk from Mom.

When I had told a couple people at work what happened and Bub already knew, I called my Dad, but when he’s in a meeting and says he’ll call you back you think you ARE an adult and you CAN act mature. But when he doesn’t call back you wonder, what was I going to say? Poor me? So when I talked to my mom later in the day and Dad was out, he called me back when he got home and said “Courtney, that’s why they’re called accidents.”

I woke up depressed. Really, I do need to get a grip.

Oh, and Kwarterlifecrisis? Where did your blog go to? I was looking to read something to make me laugh and it says it’s been deleted?! Please share…why? How? Why? Or is my link to it just dumb?


4 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. Glad it turned out ok. KLCs boyfriend found out about the blog and she decided to delete it while they work on their relationship. She hopes to be back blogging soon.

  2. sorry to hear about the accident! i’m glad things turned out okay.

    and i no idea what happened to KLC’s blog either…

  3. Aw shucks! Sorry I’m so late getting to this. Last week was crazy, as Molly sort of summed up for you. (Thanks Molly!)

    I’m back up and running though! You can find me (and the long detailed story of the delete of the other blog) at :)

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