While getting ready for work, or simply sulking in bed that ick, it’s not Friday or a day off from work and what the fuck?, I think about all the stuff I want to get done at work. Then I get here and, of course, I just have to see who wrote me who’s not from work. And then I have to see who posted last night. So here I am now. Here’s my post. My stuff.

While we were at the christening, Bub’s 25-year-old cousin blurted out: So are you planning on having kids in the future? The room went silent. I was like oh, my, god. What the f? I managed to mumble something like: Yeah, we’re going to have a family, we just don’t know when.

Can you say pressure? The woman who does my nails, the receptionist at the dentist, and a random woman I met while I was away for work all asked me, Any babies yet? Is it really your business?

I have a to-do list before I go using a stroller. I want to be in a bigger home (a house) since our 1-bed isn’t exactly the most ideal place to put things like a crib, changing area, baby clothes (where we’d put those, I don’t know–under the bed is already taken), baby stroller/carrier, toys, and so on. I want to paint a nursery, hang a mobile, pick out our rocker and place it just so in the baby’s room.

However, a few people, including one friend who has two kids, told me it can be done in our space, our 1-bed condo. Solicited advice? No. Another friend says that the year of the pig (2007) is better than next year (year of the mouse) to conceive and so we should think about trying later this year.

That discussion took place in a public bathroom. Again, advice not solicited.

My other to-do item is to figure out school. What does that mean? Figure. Out. School. Figure out what??

Someone told me that I’m thinking as if I cannot do anything once the baby is born. Instead, I’ve learned that I’m really feeling that I don’t want to do such and such after I have a baby because I won’t want to. The motivation will die. The baby will be my universe. Normal, right? Well, in that case, I want to prepare and do all I can now. Pre-baby belly.

I really feel that it’s time to assess what the next step is for my career/education/future. As much as I can see myself enjoying staying home and being with a kid, I’d like to stay connected with a world where I feel that I know something, can be good at it, and perhaps do it from my home so as to have both. I think I sound selfish, I know. Bub, I’m sorry!

It’s a lot of money, grad school. But I feel like if I put it off, I won’t do it. But it’s taken me 5 years to get to this point of knowing I want to do something. To be challenged. (Hello and goodbye law school!)

Words and books and reading and writing. Those things I have a connection to in some way. I was the English major, the girl who wrote on random pieces of paper and napkins to get stuff out. The girl who had journals and diaries. The girl who loved to feel moved by words and to be gripped late into the night and (not recently) early in the morning, before brushing my teeth. It was a friend, the story, you went inside and felt what the characters felt.

But can I do it? One program I’m looking at taunts me with the long papers, longer bibliographies, and endless reading. I got my degree in English; why is scaring me? It does.

And then there’s part of me that says, why wait to start trying? Bub is older and we don’t have to wait for anything. Things will fall as they may and work themselves out. But I don’t want regret. I fear it. And I fear I’ll be upset if I don’t have these items planned out in advance…which begs the question: How do you know when you’re ready? Do you feel it? I see strangers’ children and I feel all tingly. I held little James Patrick and yes, he’s cute, but I was even more confused about what to want and when.

So this is the debate I have. And sure, if we had a baby today, I’d be OK. We‘d be OK. But after seeing Bub’s cousins (not the one who has the baby), but the young ones who are just starting to figure out what they want to major in in college, where they want to work now that they’ve graduated college, and what schools they’ll apply to once they’ve finished senior year, I sort of want to go back only to have time to decide all over again.


2 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. It is amazing to me how people think it is OK to ask others about having babies. It’s never OK!!!

    You and Bub will start a family when the time is right for YOU and not a moment sooner or later.

    Enjoy the time that you have with each other. It is precious.

  2. I’m not even married yet and everyone is already asking us when we plan on starting a family. It’s already annoying.

    And I, like you, am worried about doing all the things I want to do before the baby comes (in four or five years, but still). Things are going to change and my life is no longer going to revolve around myself so right now, I want to make it as much about myself as I possibly can.

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