I’ve begun…

I’ve started my fall shopping and I’m looking for inspiration. My first purchase? A Michael Kors flowy, black, top with subtle detail. Perfect to dress up or down; I shall be taking it on my trip to Germany in four short weeks.

Yesterday, I purchased these:

I was looking for something different than my usual flats and I’m hoping (since I haven’t yet tried them on) that they won’t let me down. They’re by Frye, a brand I had’t yet encountered.

For some reason finding clothes for the warmer months is easier than finding outfits for the colder weather. Maybe it’s the layering and, therefore, the need to have more clothing, but I feel like my cute summer look goes to blah once the leaves change.

Making the annual trek to Frankfurt each autumn is a good reason to shop since everyone who attends the work event wears to-die-for ensembles. Even their hosiery is impressive.

Why, then, can’t shopping be my full-time job?

And I just remembered that the black top wasn’t my first purchase at all. I have a blue cardigan on the way that I completely forgot about!


8 thoughts on “I’ve begun…

  1. Cute shoes! I’m basically coveting the entire fall line from Banana but can’t afford to buy that much. Sigh…

  2. OBSESSED. with those shoes. must. share. where you found them.

    i heart fall fashion. mmmmmmm…makes me happy jsut thinking about it :)

  3. Found you through KLC, and I have to say, not only do I love love LOVE shoes, I’ve always said that my dream job would just be shopping. And I was born in Boston :)

  4. If they’re Fryes, I think you’ll be happy with them. They might need to be broken in a bit, but I bet they’ll be comfy after that. They’re so cute, good purchase!

  5. I’m totally not ready for fall or fall clothing yet. I’m thinking a little shopping trip like yours might help….cute shoes!

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