Short ‘n Sweet

I’m sipping on a nonfat pumpkin spice latte…

I’m having thoughts about going shopping after work (shocker) in that this week has been torture trying to figure out how not to freeze my buns in the office (hello, it’s freezing) and because it is very close to fall, and I should no longer be milking my warm-weather wardrobe.

I went through my casual tops and I seem to have 2 black, 2 green, 2 white/very light, long sleeve numbers and a couple of borderline spring long sleevers-too. How exciting, huh?

I have either summery or wintery cardigans and the new sweater I bought is definitely too warm for now.

So yes, now that I feel good in the shoe department (and I am wearing these today, for the second day in a row, because I love them so much and because they are comfortable which is a hard thing to come by in shoes), I need to concentrate on the stuff that will cover up my underwear while in the office.

The office has been quiet because my boss has been out since Monday. Tomorrow she returns and we have too many meetings planned. More than I usually have in a month. OK, maybe that’s exaggerating the facts, but it’s a lot and they’re practically back to back. And dammit, I was productive this morning and it seems to be waning, my drive, hence the post.

En route to my trip to the bucks that is star for this latte, I called my friend who just had a baby boy. I heard him in the background. I heard her talking about diapers and c-sections, and dialation. I heard her speak the gooey baby talk to this baby whose name I’m fairly sure I’m not a fan of. But I would never ever ever tell her because she is my friend and she doesn’t need my opinion about what she named her first born child. And she doesn’t read this blog (or so I hope), so I think it’s safe to say that.

Anyway, I got a mommy pang while listening to all of this baby talk from her, and that’s all I am gonna say about it.

More later.


6 thoughts on “Short ‘n Sweet

  1. I want to know the name! (You can email it if you’re worried.)

    Hm…mommy pangs. I already have those and I’m not even married!

  2. fall shopping! ive had a hankering for some good retail therapy lately as well. your latte sounds delish right now.

    ps- i want to know the name too!

  3. def cute shoes. and space heaters work like a charm if you want to milk your warm weather wardrobe a tad bit longer :)

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