I survived the 3:45am wakeup call yesterday, the meetings, the presentation, the boss.

I am still tired.

I prepare now for the 40+ meetings in Germany in less than 2 weeks.

I returned to the office to learn that the one dead mouse they found in a closet adjacent to my office had friends; additional mice carcasses were discovered.

I’m glad I wasn’t here for that. I am here, however, for a lingering smell…

We finally painted our kitchen this weekend. It’s not quite finished. It’s almost done and then there’s laundry and cleaning and switching and switching back summer to fall to summer clothes. What is up with the temps?

There has been mulling over of babies, reading of articles about how women are forced to decide between career or baby or both or what? And then there’s the whole when you’re 27, your fertility decreases. I’m officially old and almost 27 1/2.

Some of you Internets make me feel old in your 24 and earlier ages. What happened to the time?

I know I’m being slightly melodramatic and I know that I’m not old…yet…but I feel it. Planning out things like having babies is serious. I take it seriously. I don’t understand how one plunges into this. How does one plunge?

Sex, I can understand, plunging, I cannot.


9 thoughts on “Tired

  1. hmm… im not too sure about the plunging into it all. you’re certainly not old though! i know what you mean about feeling old, but you are not old by any means. i mean, just look at the fancy new shoes you just got! i hope things begin to simmer down a bit for you…

  2. I think a plunge by nature isn’t graceful. Now, swan diving into parenthood—that would be a feat. It’s going to be an adventure!

  3. you’re not old! but being a parent is serious and exciting! (okay i am not a parent, but it seems exciting, right?)

  4. first of all. you.are. not old. at all. hi, you’re like my “cool older sister.”

    second: way to go you for dealing with the craziness of that hellish work week. props to you, woman!

    third: parenthood? yeah, not graceful. (not that i’m like,a parent or anything. but i do have thoughts. and thoughts i think are good! and helpful! so here are some thoughts): the crayon drawings and smushed up crackers and cheerios in absolutely everything you own? you gotta laugh and go with it. because if you go all serious? you’ll go crazy. and crazy mom? no one wants that. relax- things will fall into place, and when and if you do decide to be a mom, you’re gonna be amazing at it. there’s a time for serious, and a time for laughs. you’ll learn the balance of the two. and you’re lucky to have ana amazing man right there beside you, every step of the way. :)

    xo, bb

  5. First of all: eww mice. Eww dead mice smell.

    Second, IT DECREASES AT 27?!! I always thought it decreased at 30. I have been lied to. I am upset. I should eat some chocolate to make myself feel better.

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