Phone is ringing, ohmygod!

Work this time every quarter blows balls. Literally. And if you’re offended by my language, you should hear me talk to Bub after work on these days when I am up to my ears in this quarterly task.

First, it’s the emails. “I was wondering if you could tell me our number for this quarter?”

Umm…no, I can’t, but yes, you and 303 other partners would like to know that, I know. I’m sorry it’s incovenient for you to have to contact me to find this out because your happy little check with the report hasn’t arrived on your desk. But I’m the one still stuffing envelopes with an immature intern because this is what I do each quarter. And this quarter? This one has been one of the worst since I started working here.

So then you start calling. “Thanksgiving is around the corner. We need that lift. All those returns.”

Not my problem. Wait. It’s only the 15th TODAY. That means I tell you nothing before then unless I’m really, really nice. I was for this person.

I’m also starting to fret because the Tuesday after Thanksgiving I am getting on a train (again, a very early one) with my boss and her boss and another VP…so that we can go to the sales conference of one big to-do partner and present in front of a number of people, all of whom have super duper fancy titles. And though I feel a tiny bit important having the opportunity to attend this, my boss wants me to speak in front of said people.

I may just die.

I took the public speaking class in college. I did swimmingly well. But something about work and presenting in front of my boss’s boss, whom I’ve never presented in front of before, coupled with all these important peeps makes me want to secretly scream and hide under a blanket.

My boss said it will be good “practice”…Silently I thought, for what? Practice for my…job? As in the one I have now?

I told her I’m happy to sit in a chair and listen. That didn’t go over too well.

She laughed.

On the good news front, we signed the P&S yesterday (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Some think that is great (I am one of those people), but some feel as though it’s also sad. (We just wrote one big honkin’ check.)


4 thoughts on “Phone is ringing, ohmygod!

  1. Ooh, I hate public speaking with every fiber of my being. I wish you luck! And your post title wouldn’t be referencing lyrics from my all-time favorite Beastie Boys song, ever, would it?


  2. I know you’ll be great! Stop focusing on how you want to hide under the desk and focus on how great you’re going to do! Might as well, doesn’t sound like you’re getting out of this one.

    And YAY! for P&S =) So exciting!

  3. Just imagine them naked. And the pregnant by a coworker. Should help ease the nerves.

    Good luck crunching all the numbers!

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