Some things to look forward to

Well, right now it’s the weekend so I can check that one off my list.

We move to our new home in 13 days.

Christmas is in 24.

I have a shitload of vacation coming up and I couldn’t be happier to break in the new house, get settled, relax, and explore our new surroundings.

We are going to our first Christmas party tonight.

Bub and I had a heart-to-heart chat today which was much needed. We’ve been so busy with getting ready for the move and life to catch up on us.

I guess that’s it at the moment, but it sure feels like a lot.


3 thoughts on “Some things to look forward to

  1. That’s because it IS a lot! I’m so excited for you to move into your new house. I hope the next couple weeks go smoothly!

  2. Ooh, you must have forgotten about the part where my birthday is in twelve days. Oversight, I’m sure.


  3. How exciting for you to move into your new house! I love the idea of exploring your new surroundings.

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