Gold or Silver? Silver or Gold?

I know, I know, I’m spoiling you with two posts today….

So my online shopping demon is taking over. This time it’s for moi…I know, I know, it’s Christmas, but this is TOO cheap to pass (we’re talking UNDER $40!!!!! and that includes the clutch!).


But now there’s the question of which clutch: Gold or Silver. I’m more a silver chick, but gold seems like it will work with the dress better. I’m very sensitive about matching. I don’t wear gold jewelry with silver, etc.


And now…silver:

I could wear the dress to Bub’s holiday party next week; I have a cream wrap. I think I can pull the outfit off except that it will be minus seven hundred thousand degrees for sure and my legs have turned into liquid fat from my banishment from the gym.

Oh, I didn’t tell you? I decided to make up a story that I was banished from the gym. Makes me feel better about the situation.

Thanks for your input. Or please tell me that the dress is ugly and I’ll go save my $27.80 plus shipping for it.


7 thoughts on “Gold or Silver? Silver or Gold?

  1. i honestly think you could use either, but i personally would go with gold clutch, earring and shoes because the dress is such a warm shade, and gold compliments that better.

    aaaand that’s my 2cents. love the dress though!


  2. Your last two posts totally cracked me up.

    I think the dress is SO cute! I think gold as well though I am a silver person too.

  3. Great dress! I would go with the gold accessories too. If the cream wrap isn’t enough, you could always do a cute little cream-colored cashmere cardigan.

  4. I love the dress! So pretty. It actually reminds me of the BM dress I showed you…

    Go for the gold! (And stay warm!)

  5. Love the dress and I agree with you in that I’m much more a silver girl and actually, I don’t think I have a single gold piece of jewelry. So, I’d probably go with silver even though it maybe looks like the gold goes better. I’d just feel more comfortable with silver.

    Also, this totally reminds me that I need to find something to wear to the stupid wedding on New Year’s Eve. Blech!

  6. I say gold. And please tell me where to find that dress! I can’t do strapless, but it makes me hopefully there’s another beautiful one with straps on the same site!

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