I’ve been working the saltines by the bed, in the car, and now at my desk at work.  Except I feel that I’ve been caught–perhaps twice–by at least 2 co-workers.

I had the saltines out yesterday and my co-worker seemed to recognize them well.  Saltines? She said.  So I replied: Um, yeah, we had them at home so I thought why not bring them in to munch on.  Bad lie?

Today was worse though.  A woman said: Saltines? Everything okay? Me: Sure, I just wanted something plain to eat mid-morning.  Uh, yeah, I couldn’t look her in the face.

She said, Well I just wanted to be sure since that usually means a bun is in the oven.  !!!!!!!  Then she said I was turning red and I think she felt bad because she later wrote an email saying that she hoped she didn’t offend me.

And finally, a male co-worker friends with the first co-worker who questioned the saltines definitely took a long look at my gut.

Well, I’ll be seven weeks exactly tomorrow.  Let’s hope on Wednesday I have a good report on the progress, especially the heartbeat.

Pray for us.


itsy bitsy mama


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