and so here we are

So far this year I’ve been slightly tardy to work. But I have my reasons, I do. I’m sick : ( It started as a scratchy throat and got worse. This morning I almost called in, but was glad I didn’t. Not because I want to work, no, but since next week is a flurry of doctor’s appointments (January is my month to do annual check-ups, starting with the eye doctor). And since most of my doctors are near my old home, that means leaving work early which means today is a good time to get some crap done.

Staying at home would also remind me of the two baskets of clothes I should fold, dirty dishes we were so tired to take care of before bed after a later dinner, and the looming list of things we’re trying to tackle in the next couple of weeks. We still feel unsettled, not in that we are unhappy and feel out place, but that we can’t feel totally unpacked until we get some painting done, but before that comes the demise of the wallpaper which we are in the middle of steaming off.

If it were up to me I’d pay someone to lather the walls with lovely paint among other things, but Bub wants to take care of it just us. That is fine and saves us money, but we’re landlords now and having those responsibilities of sprucing up our condo for rental distract us from what we want to accomplish in the new home. I’ve kept from feeling too overwhelmed by reminding myself and Bub that we have plenty of time to take care of the house, but that we need to finish up tasks at the condo quickly to be done with it.

If only I weren’t feeling so blah and ick and sicky that I could make a list and get done those things I need to this weekend: condo, house, and the rest of life. At least a haircut is waiting for me tomorrow afternoon. I love myself some grooming.

Happy Fri.


3 thoughts on “and so here we are

  1. I have that scratchy throat thing too! It is annoying.

    I think once you get the condo all fixed up and rented you’ll feel more relaxed about getting stuff done around the house.

    I’m with you though – I would rather pay someone to do it. I’m sure once I found out the cost though I’d change my tune.

    Feel better!

  2. I love getting my hair cut! Always a good way to make yourself feel better – even with a sore throat.

    As for home improvement, there are some things I’d pay people to do and others that I like to do myself. I like to look at it when I’m done and be proud that I did it. And I like painting.

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