getting close

I leave in 1/2 hour for the second ultrasound which will either give us hope that things are going in the right direction or that things are not and therefore we should halt our joyous feelings and actions towards preparing ourselves for the world of parenting.

I have nausea, no surprise there, and I can’t help but think that if I don’t give my body something nourishing that the u/s won’t turn out right.  We should be 7 weeks, 4 days today and that means there should be at least 1 week and 4 days of progress since our last doctor’s visit.  After the u/s there will be a mandatory nurse visit before seeing the ob/gyn later this month.

I have been thinking more positively since we had our first u/s.  I’m not sure why I’m thinking this way, but I want to feel strong for my baby. 

Like most big things lately (getting married, buying a house), nothing has sunk in yet.  The baby names book and pregnancy reading and organizer next to the bed are constant reminders, yet I’m not going all mom-zilla yet.  Hopefully I get to.

Pray for us.


itsy bitsy mama


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