The second ultrasound experience is what we were looking for for our first. 

Heartbeat is 153! We saw it beating and I was so proud.  You go little baby, you go!

The growth from six weeks to now seven weeks, four days is on target.

I can’t help but still worry about things going wrong.  I proceeded to feel very flu-ish when we finally left the doctor’s office 3 hours later.

He was great.  Supportive, helpful, complimentary, patient.  I couldn’t ask for a more solid and loving partner.  I love you.

We have lots of reading material, classes to enroll in, and morning sickness to overcome.  Today was the first day I actually vomited.  The only thing that made me feel better was knowing that this is normal and even a healthy sign of pregnancy, vomiting your guts out.  The joys.

Little baby, we believe in you to be strong and keep growing each day.  Thank you to God for hearing our prayers.


itsy bitsy mama

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