Snow Day

I’m working from home today and hope that my productive weekend streak runs through the next eight or so hours.

This weekend we got tons done.

Friday was spent with best friends over dinner at a restaurant not far from home so that when we finished and I was tired, I didn’t have to jump on the train or drive miles and miles back to the house.

Speaking of the house, Bub and I were extremely productive both on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we had a nice walk through town. We can actually walk to get errands done! It was nice to get out and see more of the new surroundings by foot. We also checked out our backyard. I hadn’t really walked way down to the end of it and seen everything since it’s so woodsy. No surprises there. It had grass, trees, and leaves!

We cleaned and did more unpacking. All of the old lady curtains have been demolished! Yeah! And more wallpaper steaming was completed, courtesy of Bub.

Saturday night we had dinner out after seeing some horrific furniture and then we tried to watch the Pats win, but promptly fell asleep and then woke up grumpy, uncomfortable (on the couch), and went to bed.

Bub lived at the condo yesterday while I made more progress here, with only one room left to unpack and some cleaning here and there we’ll finally be ready to focus 100% on our furniture and decorating needs. Those boxes that are left will be the few stragglers meant for the basement or ones to be thrown out with this week’s trash.

The new tenant for our condo moves in tomorrow and we officially hand over the keys tomorrow night. We’ll be happy to not have to clean, paint or do anything in there unless something goes awry (knock on wood) for a while.

So to all you snow bunnies, have a great Monday. Here’s to a productive and good week! And a short one at that; we’re off to NH for a weekend away courtesy of a wedding gift from my sister. Let the countdown begin.

PS–We seem to have a ton of ladybugs living around this house. I just looked up to view the snow outside and saw another ladybug. And the other day? We found one in our bed. We changed the sheets, don’t worry. We aren’t fans of bed bugs.

5 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Oh my word, I have the lady bug problem every summer. Like SWARMS of them will be attached to my door, and it’s SO CREEPY. Like, alone, or maybe one or two? Cute. Forty-eight kajillion of them? Not even a little cute.

  2. I swear, we have been ATTACKED by ladybugs this winter! I can’t get rid of them. I just keep vacuuming them up. I feel bad, but seriously. It’s annoying.

  3. That’s so weird about the ladybugs. I have that experience every time I move. I feel bad killing them because they seem so nice, but really, you don’t want them hanging around your house.

    Hooray for progress!

  4. I’m glad that you had a productive weekend and how FANTASTIC that you’re going away this weekend! Enjoy it =)

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