still waiting

We’re still waiting to share the big news with friends and family and we’re trying to share it in a most perfect way–whether over a cozy dinner with family at our house or at a nice restaurant.  Whether to share it at our housewarming party.  Over the phone in a blurted out manner, by sending a pic of the ultrasound…

February 8th marks the 12th week, but do we wait until that week is almost over? Do we wait until two doctor’s appointments from now or just one? Until the next good ultrasound (knock on wood)?

I’ve been putting off seeing specific friends because I don’t know how to tell them I can’t have wine or beer or any drink for that matter.

Like an idiot, I realized about 1/2 way through my lunch today that I was eating turkey that I didn’t zap in the microwave.  I’m worried and the nurse helped to relieve my stress, but I hope I really haven’t screwed things up.  The soft cheese rule is killing me.

I just hope it doesn’t harm my baby.

Pray for us.


itsy bitsy mama


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