Weekend Eve

We finished our landlord duties at the condo last night and we cleared out the last of the tattered paint cans, cleaning supplies, and lamps. I felt sad for a little while en route to our old address for I missed the great eateries nearby, the energy of many people off on an errand, to meet friends, to get out.

Then we got welcomed by a bitchy girl who lives in the building, we were at the condo doing work until midnight, we got locked out of the building, and I managed a parking ticket.

Goodbye old home!

Tonight I’ll be doing a bit of shopping. Starting with a warm cup of tea from Teavana and then I’ll take my time meandering into stores I was so good to ignore this Christmas so as to keep on task and purchase for others. If there’s time, I’ll even get a manicure.

Then tomorrow I’ll get up and pack for our weekend away, pick up Bub from his work meeting, and we’ll drive a snowy drive to NH for a weekend away at a b&b.

Relaxation, here I come! See you Monday.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Eve

  1. Sounds wonderful (other than your experience last night) – enjoy your evening and weekend!

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