It sucks. I hate working on a holiday everyone else has off! Boo!

The weekend? Was soooo nice. The shopping and tea drinking and relaxing and manicuring I said I’d do?

Didn’t happen. I was exhausted from the night before and freezing from well, the winter, and I decided to cozy up on the sofa and let the warmth trickle in.

We left later on Friday than anticipated since Bub had a client meeting. But I was productive until I picked him up. We ate really yummy food, found a little something-something for our house, relaxed, read, sat by the fire and really connected. It was so nice!

Today has been a fairly productive day, fortunately, so I’m off to finish things up before I go. More later.

And I think we’ve figured out when our housewarming will be–finally!


5 thoughts on “Back

  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I had to work today, too. Blah.

    I can’t wait for the HW party. I totally need to email you about getting together one of these weekends. What is my problem?


  2. I’m intrigued by the somthing-somthing you bought for the house. I’m sure it’s just like a table but in my mind it’s like a crib or something. I know I’m ridiculous, you can say it ;)

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