the name game and babymoons

This weekend we went away which proved to be hard with all the wine lists and brew pubs we visited.  Sigh.  I had been so nauseous that sipping alcohol was surely a thing of the past for me until recently when he put me to the test by ordering bold reds and hoppy ales. 

Baby surely wouldn’t like me consuming that stuff.  Don’t worry baby.

We went through the entire alphabet today twice–once for girls, then once for boys trying to list names that we committed to memory, wanted the other to like, and we even said ones aloud we’d never want to name our baby.

Also discussed on our weekend away is the babymoon.  The last little yahoo trip we can plan and enjoy before the little bug comes along and steals our z’s.  Where will it be? Probably not London, although I’ll be going there in the spring for work and at 5 months pregnant.  The flight? Expensive? The free time? There’ll be none, so it’s more like a workmoon if there is such a thing.

Where should we go?

Our first true prenatal visit is in a little over a week.  I still worry about things going wrong.  I think we’re going to wait until the 15th to start spreading the news, which will be after our next ultrasound.  And it’ll be thirteen weeks.  As of today, I’ve officially known that a little babe is on the way a mere four weeks.  It’s felt like a lifetime and it’s the biggest secret we’ve kept yet…

Pray for little baby to keep growing strong day by day…


itsy bitsy mama

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