I told some more people yesterday, and I can’t help but feel that since we’re not yet at the 12 week mark (10 weeks tomorrow) that I’m jinxing the pregnancy with my excitement and news sharing.

The Internet is a scary place to read about what can go wrong and what could happen without you even knowing it.  I’m still scared and worried.

I pray everyday.  I am secretly happy and relieved when I feel nauseous and tired–and upset when I don’t feel ill.

We go to our first ob appointment on Tuesday.  I’ll meet my new doctor and try to get more information to put my mind at ease.

I think we’ll hear the heartbeat at that time and I’m worried because sometimes the heartbeat is hard to detect if baby is moving around alot…to me I’d just freak out if we didn’t hear anything.  I wish we had ultrasounds everyday so that we could be reassured.

Baby, I hope you’re enjoying all the food mama’s eating.  Her belly is getting bigger.  Her jeans are tight and she feels like everyone at work can tell.

Grow strong and happy in there.


itsy bitsy mama


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