I went into my first maternity store this weekend and felt wildly out of place.  At best I could stick my pudgy belly out there, but it didn’t matter; all the other women shopping were so much farther along.  I felt like a stranger to this world of extra fabric for the middle.  But that didn’t stop me from purchasing a cute dress for an April wedding, some new undies, and a new shirt and pair of maternity khakis.  I don’t want to get ahead of myself with a barely-there-bump, but I do want to be prepared.  I was yearning for some new bras which I did manage to get–but in my current size.  I actually found out that my “current size” is too big, but given that I’m only to get bigger, I stuck with it and got two comfy ones that I’m told work well and will stretch as time goes on.  I found a nursing bra I actually thought was pretty (who knew there would be such a thing!) but it’s too early to indulge in that purchase.

My nausea has ceased somewhat and I’m still worried for what’s to come–is everything okay? Tomorrow we’re off to the doctor; I’m meeting my new OB and hopefully getting a good report.  Think of us and pray that baby is okay and still growing strong day by day.


itsy bitsy mama


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