So you can probably guess by the title of this here blog that I’m going to be a mama


Whether I’ll be an itsy bitsy one, who knows, but I do know the song and I plan on singing it to my baby.

Yes, my baby.  Just go here to learn how I felt when I discovered what you just learned: that I’m pregnant.

Then read the scares and worried sick posts and then the good stuff I’ve come to know through the subsequent doctor visits and ultrasounds.  I started this here blog to keep my secret, well, a secret, but to allow me to put out all of my emotions on a blank page.  A new chapter.

How do I feel? I’ve been practicing how to put it into words.

I’m ready.  I already talk to my baby.  And daddy and I are so excited.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you, my blog bugs.  It’s a hard secret to keep.  Boy, am I glad that part is over. 


itsy bitsy mama AKA ripe for reading


14 thoughts on “surprise

  1. i read your other blog all the time — and CONGRATS!!!! this is worth delurking, if i havent already! I can’t wait to hear all the upcoming events, and hopefully some pics! Congrats again !!

  2. YAY!!!! I’m so glad we’re allowed to talk about this now, because the secret was KILLING me! Yay yay yay!!!!!


  3. i already emailed you, but squeeeee!!!!!! so exciting!!! you’re going to be a mommy! :) congrats my dear. xoxo

  4. Omigod, CONGRATULATIONS. I am addicted to pregnancy/mommy blogs and I can’t wait to move yours to the top of my list!


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