I’m in Orlando for work, returning tomorrow.  Last night we had an awards banquet and I wore a maternity dress.  I got lots of compliments on it and people said my belly has really started to pop!

I’m so tired and yet I haven’t been to bed late much at all while we’ve been here.  I have definitely shut my eyes during a few meetings…

It was great seeing an old friend the day I arrived and sharing with her the baby news.  She’s due in July so we were the pregnant mamas sipping lemonade and discussing how we’re pretty much freaked out about labor.

Oh, and lemonade? I can’t get enough of it!

More when I return…


itsy bitsy mama


5 thoughts on “tired

  1. Haha it’s so funny that you’re craving lemonade! I bet you’re happy it’s not fried pickles or something equally as gross.

  2. My niece craved lemonade too when she was pregnant this past summer. I would think it would be too acidic but I guess not!

    Have a safe trip home! Happy V day =)

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