On Valentine’s night as I landed in Boston I started feeling the scratchy throat and thought so here it is, the cold I’ve battled off all week from my co-worker and roommate at the conference we were at.  It was going to arrive now, on the most commercialized, Hallmark-esque, and intentionally romantic day of the year. 

There were roses at our table that overlooked the Boston skyline and although I felt and looked like crap, my husband was glowing across from me.  It was such a nice evening.  I am one lucky lady.  I remembered to wear red and the shirt I wore outlined my now more apparent belly.  We had a lovely evening despite my feeling ill and my forgetfulness–I didn’t manage to at least get him a card. 

On Friday our new coffee table was delivered.  The next in a series of new furniture purchases.  We’ll join the world of Queens when we receive a new bedroom set including an upgraded bed size; we’re still in a full and he has suffered enough by sleeping in a bed that’s too small–that’s been too short for him to sleep in–since the first night he spent in it.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of cleaning and cooking.  We had a grand housewarming.  So many people and so many smiling faces wishing us well in our new home.  We proudly showed off our “baby wall” of sonograms.  We had a great time and can’t wait to do it again in the warm weather when we can utilize the porch, deck, and yard.  I realized it’s hard being a hostess when there are so many people to talk to when you’re juggling where to put their coats and how to keep the food table fresh.  I need more practice in that department.

Unfortunately my cold has grown worse.  I haven’t left the house today and in fact, I’ve had it entirely to myself which is nice, but dangerous: there are tons of yummy desserts, salty snacks, and fattening goodies living in our kitchen and refrigerator leftover from the party.  Yes, today my thighs have grown more than my belly.

Here’s hoping that by tomorrow my cold has departed and that baby has given it the boot for good. 


itsy bitsy mama

5 thoughts on “cold

  1. i was looking through your blog posts. we have a lot in common — we also moved into an old house (built in 1922) last June and are slowly fixing it up. we’ve been married over 3 years and i am 12 weeks along on Friday.

    small world. :)

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