There are hard decisions up ahead.  So many bubbling questions that I’m trying to push away from my mind.  Questions like, will I return to work? If so, will I work full or part time? In either case, who will care for our little bug?

I have no clue.

I have pretty strong feelings about my job situation now which is an entirely separate post. 

But would I love to stay home and care for my baby 24-7? Yes.  I think? Or would I be ready for some balance between adult work life part time and then motherhood part time? Maybe.  Or perhaps I want to get back to my career full time even though I want to make some big changes in that department (don’t ask what).

So to get the ball rolling, I contacted a daycare yesterday.  Their site was impressive.  The woman, responsive.  I read about their activities, daily schedule, nap times, snacks. 

I got jealous.  Who was this stranger and why was I going to let her be with my baby during the very early stages of the little bug’s life? What if I missed something like a giggle or a first step?

My mother has graciously offered her services for one work day a week.  Beyond that, I’m at a loss.  But I do know that come maternity leave time, I don’t want to feel stuck.  I want a plan.  And daycares? Have waiting lists now.  Which means I have to get on the stick. 

I didn’t think I’d have answers to what I want to do regarding work and daycare by the time I finished writing this, but I feel better knowing I’m at least letting the thinking happen. 

Yes, there is much thinking to do.


itsy bitsy mama 

***Sorry, I realized I still haven’t taken/posted a belly shot–promise that it’s coming!!!

******Oh, and? I could go for an onion bagel toasted with veggie cream cheese.  Thanks.


6 thoughts on “care

  1. I’m not even pregnant yet and I think about those things too. I know a lot of people are anti-day care, but as someone who used to work in one, I have to say don’t rule it out entirely. Even if you do just one or two half-days a week. It’s great for building their social and motor skills and the right place will be filled with people who truly love to care for children.

  2. it is definitely a big decision. i hope i’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home when i have kids, but i know it’s not always an option….good luck with your decisions.

  3. I could go for a toasted onion bagel with veggie cream cheese too. Yum!

    I don’t know if I’m the person to talk about daycare as I don’t have children, but I agree with Molly about it building their social skills. My middle nephew has become a lot more independent since my sis-in-law went back to work and he went to daycare.

  4. To clarify, I mean independent in a good way. He used to be very clingy and not want to talk to anyone. Now he has made friends, and doesn’t rely on mama or big brother so much.

  5. i’m nowhere near ready to have a baby, but i think about that stuff all the time. i would love to stay at home, but who knows if i’ll ever have the opportunity to.

    can’t wait to see the belly shot! :)

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