hello down there

Sometimes I forget I’m pregnant, sitting at my desk all day at work, looking up blankly at my manager when she starts asking me to prepare items for when I’m maternity leave.

This is really happening.

I’m a fairly superstitious person and a negative one at that.  In the back of my mind I’m always playing devil’s advocate and thinking well, what if something happens? Of course I only want smooth sailing, but what if?

It’s a dangerous game, this one my mind plays, but that’s what all the breathing I’ve been doing in my prenatal yoga class is for, no?

Yesterday I wore a new maternity shirt to work.  I have a couple of these and have worn them before, but I got many compliments on this one.

You look pregnant, Courtney.

And I just look again, blankly, thinking, my pants have been tight for a few weeks now and my gut is definitely hanging out there.  Did I just look big those other days?

A friend at work said do you really still feel fat? Don’t you feel pregnant?

In actuality, I felt more pregnant tossing my cookies and praying for the nausea to pass with a pout on my face.  But now that I’m wearing maternity wear and feeling good overall, I just feel content.  Normal.  With some added pounds.

Every day I’m closer to wanting to meet my baby, to pinch its toes and bum! I have so much love to give and no one has even arrived yet!

Last night, after I fell asleep on the couch sitting up (this is new for me, the sitting up part), I dragged myself upstairs after my husband offered to clean up the mess of the kitchen I had left behind.  Isn’t he the sweetest? And I thought, I MUST take some belly photos.  Except the shirt I wore? The cute one that I just referred to? Well it got all wrinkly and the nursery? It’s full of boxes and books.  So give me a break, huh? There’s plenty of time for me to perfect my photography skills, no?

So here I am–tomorrow marks 17 weeks! Woot!





Side sans shirt! (I don’t know why my pants are hiked up in the back–I chalk it up to having fallen asleep and looking crazy.)


Oh, and, I took these with my new phone! But they either post small like this or really, really large.  So hopefully the digital camera works out better next time.

Happy Almost Weekend!


8 thoughts on “hello down there

  1. yeah, it’s dawning on me day to day that this is really happening — my body is growing a baby. happy 17 weeks tomorrow! (and cute belly pic!)

  2. Very cute belly. As I read your post, I KNEW you were just starting the second trimester the way you talked. I actually just began my third trimester (almost 30 weeks now) – found you randomly on the Web and so glad I did.

    I’m keeping a blog about my pregnancy as well but am also incorporating how yoga is helping me through. You should check it out if you’re at all interested in prenatal yoga.

    Namaste and good luck. Keep positive thoughts – all is well!

    Yoga Mama

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