It’s funny when you’re reading pregnancy books on the toilet while experiencing a stomach ache from eating too much pizza and realize that the things you’re digesting with your eyes, the words “your baby is the size of a turnip!” make you realize that you’re not reading just anything, you’re reading how to prepare for another person to enter your life after they’ve slid through the ol’ birth canal.

Unlike books that tell you how to plan a wedding or retile your bathroom floor, these books are telling you about the things that your body is doing without you even knowing it and that hey, a person, separate from you, will arrive in nine months.  Or, in my case, five. 

And it’s also hard to grasp that all this reading I’m doing now? Is just to prepare for what will come with getting bigger, birth, breastfeeding, etc.  When, in fact, I haven’t yet touched on what to do with the little bug once it’s here. 

A woman I work with recently gave birth to a girl.  And she wrote to me saying that she loves motherhood.  All she wants to do is hold her and nothing gets done all day.

I feel like I already get that.

Today we had another ultrasound.  We saw the four chambers of the heart, the brain, spine, stomach, vocal cords, eyes, fists and then fingers, legs and toes.

Today we could have learned if she’ll be a little princess or he’ll be a little prince.

But the little bug did a little baby dance and we knew that either way we’d be ready for this person because the love? It’s already alive.


itsy bitsy mama

8 thoughts on “person

  1. I’m really glad your appointment went well. It must be crazy to see toes… in your tummy!

  2. i’m with molly. everyone that i know that is pregnant is having a girl. must be going around ;)
    i’m glad the apointment went well. that must be such a great experience to see your child in an ultrasound. i can’t even imagine.

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