i think it’s time

to get new bras

I heard that’s one of the first things you need to get in pregnancy, but I didn’t get it.  My belly was growing, but my chest was not.  At least it seems the same outside of the fact that they feel heavy and firm.  Now? I’m having a serious coverage issue.  And? I’m on the last hooks of the three sets they give you for fastening…

to get more pants

I wear the same 2 pairs of maternity pants over and over again along with the only pair of corduroys that fit (zipper and buttoned completely!) with a large enough waist to accommodate my new belly.  And with spring almost here, I don’t feel cute knowing that I’m wearing a repeat of Saturday’s outfit today even though it’s clean.

to get new black flats

I bought a pair last year for my first trip to London sans the boss.  And they are fab and also beat up, worn, beat up and worn.  I’m looking for suggestions.  I don’t dislike a pointy pair, but they have to look good with everything–skirts, casual pants, dress pants, capris, etc.  And comfort! That is key.  (Also, cute! Have to be cute!)

What do you think it’s time for?


8 thoughts on “i think it’s time

  1. It is time for Spring! Officially in 2 days but I want to really feel it.

    I need new bras and pants too but I think that is an all the time thing.

  2. it is definitely time for spring. and time to perhaps get healthier and decide what i’m going to do with the next phase of my life.

  3. that’s funny! i already bought new bras — 1 size up. they were the first thing to go. as for pants, i still like the gap’s maternity pants — i have 3 pairs — and liz lange, too.

    it’s time for me to buy a few more shirts for spring — all of mine are now too short!

  4. I second La. I think it’s time for me to have enough money to buy a few new outfits and still have enough money to, you know, eat.

  5. I don’t know why the email keeps throwing it back at you. I’m getting email from others…no idea. The only other email address I have is a work one, so…

    Looking forward to your jeans review.

  6. I think it’s time for me to get into a new relationship. The singleness/ quasi-relationship is getting boring.
    As for the shoes, I always like plain black ballet flats. Chanel has a cute pair, but Steve Madden does the same thing for cheaper. Also check out Piper Lime. And J. Crew is my all-time favorite for shoes.

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